V-SOS Vodafone GPS Watch Tracker - Black


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The v-sos strap is a stylish bracelet with Fall detection, an SOS button and easy application to warn if your family or friends need help; v-sos Band has a network coverage and the frequency of location is subjected to Vodafone and GPS signal With the SOS button, whatever the emergency is, both outside and, the whole bearer has to do is press the SOS button of the band; this is sent and up to four family members an alarm that shows its position on a map With the Fall Alert - if the band detects a fall, it will send an alert to you and your other family members indicating your position on a map and falling time; all falls are different and not every fall can be detected You can be sure the v-sos band has the power you need to connect to you and your loved ones. Just one charge lasts up to a month with a battery level display and notifications if the battery power is low You have the freedom to pause your next month of subscription at any time so you only pay for when you want to use; promise means that you no longer charge your Vodafone v-sim prices agreed monthly amount